How to Remember Multiple Passwords

July 19, 2021

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How to Remember Multiple Passwords

With power comes responsibility, and with every site you visit comes a new login ID and a password. Here are the tricks by which you can remember all your passwords.

Ways to Remember Passwords

A strong password includes 8 or more alphanumeric characters with special symbols, and a combination of upper and lower case letters. Also, it is recommended that you use a unique password for each site.

Hope you are following these conventions. And are now looking for ways to remember those strong unique passwords.

1. Write them down in a cryptic manner

Nothing beats our instinct to write down something important. This goes with passwords too, especially, when you have a lots of them.

So while writing down passwords make sure that you don't write them as it is. Either convert them using some cryptography alogorithm or use your own cryptic symbols.

2. Adjust a single strong password for each site

If you don't want to write them down, which is understandable, the next step is to keep them in mind. But that's tough. Even though you might remember the passwords, there's a high chance that you can forget which password was actually used for what site.

For this purpose what you can do is have a strong single base password and tweak it a little bit as per the site you are using.

For example:

Single strong base password: mYStr0nGpwD007

Modifying it for Google: mYStr0nGpwD007gle

Modifying it for Facebook: mYStr0nGpwD007ook

(using the last three words from the platform)

3. Use password management applications

Though the above ones are not a bad option, this is a recommended one.

Because, eventually, there will come a time when you'll have a lot of passwords to handle for home, office, and personal stuff. So it is better to delegate this work to the professionals.

Using a password management application is a good option because it allows you to create totally random passwords for each site, however long and hard you want them to be.

The only concern is to take care of the master password. You gotta keep it safe and secure.

Make sure your service provider is an authentic one. Some famous password management solutions are lastpass, 1password, bitwarden, etc. (not sponsored :p)


Mostly, it's recommended to use a password management solution. But choose whichever shoe fits you.

Thanks for reading, share with your friends to help them keep their passwords safe as well. Cheers!

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